Easy Stretches That You Can Do All By Yourself

Have you been feeling dull, lackluster, and stiff? Ten minutes of your day is all it takes to provide the much-needed relaxation that you require and deserve.  Stretching relaxes and recharges the body and mind. Whether you do it to begin your day or you do it after a long tiring day, stretches can recharge and rejuvenate you.

Here are some simple stretches that anyone can follow. We advise you to listen to your breath and your body to maximize the effect on your physical and inner self.

#1. Side Oblique Stretch

To leave your entire body feeling stretched and lengthened, try this pose. Stand with your feet apart. Lift one arm while keeping your palm facing inwards. Reach and lean to the opposite side. Hold this pose and then repeat with the other arm.

#2. Glute Bridge

Lie on your back, with the knees bent and palms facing the ground. Try to keep your feet as close to your hips as possible. Now, lift your hips away from the ground. Your body should form a straight diagonal line from your torso to your head. Hold the position before laying your hips back on the ground. This muscle engages and strengthens the core muscles and the lower back muscles.

#3. Downward Dog

Get on to your hands and knees for this one. Check your position, as your knees should be directly under your hips. Hands should be in line with the shoulders. Now, slowly start to lift your hips above, let only your toes touch the ground. When you stretch your arms, your body will assume a ‘V’ position. Relax your body while in this position while making sure the shoulders are not scrunching up, and the spine is not forming a ‘U.’ Hold the position for as long as you are comfortable and then go back to your hands and knees.

#4. Cat-Cow pose

For this pose, start with your hands and knees on the floor. Keep your spine parallel to the floor. Round up your spine to form a concave or C shape. The head and tailbone go downwards. In a few seconds, come back to the starting position and then form a convex shape with your spine. Here, your head and tailbone will go up. Hold and repeat.

#5. Cobra Pose

This is a simple pose which will provide a great stretch to your upper and lower back. For this one, lie down straight on the floor on your stomach in a prone position. Make sure your legs are pressed firmly to the ground. Now, straighten your arms and lift your shoulders. Try to distribute your weight evenly and maintain a firm frame. Hold the pose between 15-25 seconds and then rest. This pose provides a good stretch to your upper body.

#6. Child Pose

This stretch will make your body and mind feel the most relaxed.  Get on your hands and knees again. Push your hips back until your hips reach your heels. Keep your arms stretched in front of you with your head between them. Close your eyes and feel your breathing to calm your mind in this relaxing pose.

A relaxed body means a relaxed mind. Exercise is a sure shot way to keep your inner self happy. In the beginning, your body might be stiff, and you will face difficulty in getting the poses right. Take this as a sign that your body needs those stretches. Ensure that you take out at least 10 minutes of your day because there is no better investment for a healthy body. You will start listening to your body better and find all the stress and worry fading away to give you a wholesome sense of self. Be gentle and enjoy the process!

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