Massage for Jetlag – How Massage Can Help You Overcome Jetlag

massage for jetlag

Do you dread long haul flights because of the exhaustion and other jetlag symptoms you’ve to deal with once you land at your destination? A very effective way to get over jetlag is to go to sleep when it is sleep time at your destination and have a massage treatment before you sleep.

This will help ease the symptoms of jetlag and help you sleep well and match your internal body clock to that of the destination quickly but in a gentle way. Read on to learn how massage therapy can help you beat jetlag.

How Massage Works to Alleviate Jetlag

Long haul flights that involve traversing multiple time zones mess up with your body’s circadian rhythm and cause a disconnect between your internal clock and the physical environment. This results in the symptoms of jetlag including fatigue and sluggishness to digestive problems.

Having a massage eases tension, relaxes your body and promotes quality sleep. With your body relaxed, you will be able to sleep well when it is sleep time at your destination and this will help align your circadian rhythm with your local destination. Massage also helps alleviate the other physical and mental symptoms that result after a long flight to ensure a smooth and quick recovery from jet lag.    

What Type of Massage is Best for Jetlag?

Actually, all types of massage work great at alleviating the symptoms of jet lag. Swedish massage is very relaxing and promotes quality sleep when jetlagged. If you get to your destination in the morning or during the day, you can get an invigorating Thai massage that will awaken you and help you await the sleep time at your destination.

Pressure point massage or acupressure where the massage therapist pays special attention to the areas that get tight and achy after spending hours on the plane – legs, feet, back, neck, and shoulders is very good at easing stiffness. If you get swollen ankles and feet during long haul flights, a leg and foot massage can help you feel better.   

Enhancing the massage with aromatherapy delivers maximum benefits. Essential oils such as grapefruit, eucalyptus, geranium, ginger, relaxing lavender, decongesting peppermint, or comforting cypress help melt away muscle soreness and mental fuzziness. Aromatherapy-infused massage can combat jetlag in as little as 24 hours.

You can book an aromatherapy massage where the massage therapist will apply essential oils before giving you a massage. You can also have a bath before the massage and add a few drops of grapefruit or peppermint essential oils to the water.


Nothing has the potential to ruin a good trip than jet lag. The good this is that there are ways to reduce the effects of jetlag. Aromatherapy massage is one of the best ways to combat jetlag.

Once you land in a new destination, observing the local bedtime and getting a massage enhanced with essential oils before you sleep will help you sleep well and reset your internal clock and also help alleviate the other symptoms of jetlag.

In addition to this, ensure you stay hydrated during the flight by drinking water and fruit juice and avoiding caffeine and sleeping pills. Stretching during the flight will also help you keep cramps and exhaustion at bay. This will help you make the most of your vacation or business trip.

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